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Food is one of the three basic necessities of a human being i.e. food, clothing and house. Is it fair to compromise with any of these?


What are the other aspects while talking diabetes? Have a look at these resources.


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What foods to eat to lower blood sugar fast?
Diabetics often worry about how to lower blood sugar fast with foods. For this they are generally advised to eat
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Can diabetics eat Bacon and Eggs?
“YOU LIKE IT. YOU EAT IT.” Well if you are a diabetic you would disagree with this fact, because being
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Can diabetics eat Honey and Cinnamon?
“HONEY, YOU’RE SO SWEET!” Being a diabetic, the only sweet honey you can ponder upon is your cute little spouse,
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Can diabetics eat caramel popcorn?
“OOOH… DRAMA!!! Let’s get popcorn ;)” Caramel Popcorn At 100g of caramel popcorn: Table showing nutritional facts of 100g caramel
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Can you make type 2 diabetes go away?
You are here to read this post makes me believe that you recently got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus
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Is eating papaya good for diabetic patients?
Not everyone likes papaya. It’s a fruit favored by select people only. Papaya for diabetes affected individuals can help them
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What are the warning signs of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
Knock knock. Who’s there? Your blood sugar “Your blood sugar” who? Your blood sugar’s high!   I know this could
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Is milk OK for a diabetic? Milk and Diabetes
“Jeko Kheer Piye so Veer Thiye” This is a Sindhi quote talking about the importance of milk in the health
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Can a diabetic patient eat almonds? Almonds for Diabetes Patients
“If words had flavors, hers would be bitter almonds and coffee grounds.” – Jodi Picoult Almonds have been considered rich
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Can diabetics eat Dates and Figs?
“I am sure that in the story of Adam and Eve, the forbidden fruit was a fig and not an
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Can diabetics eat soya chunks?
Soya chunks and diabetes have been known to challenge each other since longtime back in history. This is because protein
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Can a diabetic patient eat avocado? Avocado and diabetes
Avocado has become one of the trendy fruits these days. Although, its origin dates back to some 1000 years ago
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Is biryani good for diabetics? Biryani and diabetes
Biryani forms an integral part of Indian food culture, especially the islamic foods. No doubt about its enticing taste that
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Can diabetics eat Bananas and Apples? Apple, Banana and Diabetes
An apple a day surely keeps the doctor away, but the real question is does it keep the doctor away
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Is Ragi good for diabetic patients? Ragi and diabetes
Ragi is the hindi word for finger millet and one of the easily consumed cereals among Indian population. Therefore, the
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