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Food is one of the three basic necessities of a human being i.e. food, clothing and house. Is it fair to compromise with any of these?


What are the other aspects while talking diabetes? Have a look at these resources.


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What foods to eat to lower blood sugar fast?
Diabetics often worry about how to lower blood sugar fast with foods. For this they are generally advised to eat
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Can diabetics eat Bananas and Apples? Apple, Banana and Diabetes
An apple a day surely keeps the doctor away, but the real question is does it keep the doctor away
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Is milk OK for a diabetic? Milk and Diabetes
“Jeko Kheer Piye so Veer Thiye” This is a Sindhi quote talking about the importance of milk in the health
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Can diabetics eat Bacon and Eggs?
“YOU LIKE IT. YOU EAT IT.” Well if you are a diabetic you would disagree with this fact, because being
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Is Ragi good for diabetic patients? Ragi and diabetes
Ragi is the hindi word for finger millet and one of the easily consumed cereals among Indian population. Therefore, the
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Can diabetics drink beer? Beer and Diabetes
This article talks about alcohol including beer and diabetes in general and mainly about the amount of beer for dabadetics
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Is watermelon good for diabetics? Watermelon and Diabetes
If mango is the president of all the fruits, then watermelon is the vice-president. The main reason to say this
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Can diabetics eat Honey and Cinnamon?
“HONEY, YOU’RE SO SWEET!” Being a diabetic, the only sweet honey you can ponder upon is your cute little spouse,
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Can diabetics eat caramel popcorn?
“OOOH… DRAMA!!! Let’s get popcorn ;)” Caramel Popcorn At 100g of caramel popcorn: Table showing nutritional facts of 100g caramel
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Can you make type 2 diabetes go away?
You are here to read this post makes me believe that you recently got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus
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Is eating papaya good for diabetic patients?
Not everyone likes papaya. It’s a fruit favored by select people only. Papaya for diabetes affected individuals can help them
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What are the warning signs of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
Knock knock. Who’s there? Your blood sugar “Your blood sugar” who? Your blood sugar’s high!   I know this could
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Can a diabetic patient eat almonds? Almonds for Diabetes Patients
“If words had flavors, hers would be bitter almonds and coffee grounds.” – Jodi Picoult Almonds have been considered rich
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Can a diabetic patient eat avocado? Avocado and diabetes
Avocado has become one of the trendy fruits these days. Although, its origin dates back to some 1000 years ago
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Is biryani good for diabetics? Biryani and diabetes
Biryani forms an integral part of Indian food culture, especially the islamic foods. No doubt about its enticing taste that
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Can a diabetic eat Mango? Mango and Diabetes
Mango, the king of fruits, is the love of almost everyone’s life. I haven’t seen a person who does not
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Can diabetic patient eat grapes? Grapes and Diabetes
Grapes are the fruit that we enjoy eating slowly, piece by piece, when we really want to kill time. Can
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Are pears good for a diabetic? Pears and Diabetes
Pears has a personality of a quiet fruit which is at peace all the time with its less bright colour
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5 surprising ways water for diabetes is more refreshing than new socks! Water for Diabetics
Everyone is aware how refreshing new socks are, especially for diabetics who need to take care of their feet. Also,
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Are strawberries good for type 2 diabetics? strawberries and diabetes
Strawberries are the red juicy fruits (although people like Sheldon don’t consider it so) known for their sweetness. Let’s see
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Can diabetics eat lychee fruit? lychee and diabetes
Lychee is a fruit of its own kind. Let’s see if lychee and diabetes go hand in hand… “Sunday is
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Is there a lot of sugar in pomegranates? pomegranate and diabetes
Pomegranate, as we all know, is the fruit of hundred seeds. It is the fruit which resembles the shape of
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Can diabetic patient eat kiwi fruit? kiwi and diabetes
Kiwi is a fruit delicacy we all crave for, or at least it almost all. With its green or golden
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Is Cabbage low GI? cabbage and diabetes
Cabbage is a bag of green leaves known for its fiber content. How does it play on GI card? What
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Can a diabetic eat an orange? Orange and Diabetes
Orange, although considered a lonely fruit, is chosen by many as their favorite flavored fruit. It is definitely one of
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Can diabetics eat blueberries? Blueberries and Diabetes
Blueberries give the feeling of being a royal fruit. It enhances the bakery items such as pastries, cheese cakes and
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Is Taro Root high glycemic? Taro root and Diabetes
Taro root, is one of my favorite food items. It is also known as kachalu or arbi/arvi in India and
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Is it OK for diabetics to eat tomatoes? Tomato and Diabetes
Although classified as a vegetable, tomato is technically a fruit. It’s red flesh forms the basis of gravy in many
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Can we eat sugarcane in diabetes? Sugarcane and Diabetes
Sugarcane, which belongs to the family of grasses, is known for its sweet extract. It is also the source of
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Are peaches safe for diabetes? Peach and Diabetes
Peach, also known as nectarine, comes from the Northwestern China with its juicy yellowish-orange pulp which is extremely soft. The
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Do plums raise blood sugar? Plum and Diabetes
Plum is extremely soft and juicy fruit. It is highly watery due to high amount of sweet juicy pulp. It’s
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Are beets bad for diabetes? Beetroot and Diabetes
Beet roots are known for its tremendous pink to maroon color that it liberates while eaten. It can be eaten
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Can a diabetic patient eat dragon fruit? (Dragon fruit and Diabetes)
Dragon fruit gets its name from its shape. It has a white pulp with small black seeds and is very
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Is passion fruit good for diabetes? (Passion fruit and Diabetes)
Many people actually find passion in passion fruit. It is also one of the common flavors of soft drinks available
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Can diabetic eat tamarind? Tamarind and Diabetes
Tamarind is a fruit of its own kind. It has a peculiar taste and is mostly consumed in the form
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Is eating carrot good for diabetes? Carrot and Diabetes
Carrots are not just for bunnies, right? These orange colored roots which are rich in carotene may have something for
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Do potatoes cause high blood sugar? Potato and Diabetes
Potatoes which are rich in starch grow underground and were introduced by Spanish somewhere near 16th century. Let’s read about
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Can diabetics eat Dates and Figs?
“I am sure that in the story of Adam and Eve, the forbidden fruit was a fig and not an
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Can diabetics eat soya chunks?
Soya chunks and diabetes have been known to challenge each other since longtime back in history. This is because protein
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Can diabetics eat pineapple? Pineapple and Diabetes
Pineapple, the fruit with a crown, is delicious in its own way. However, can diabetics eat pineapple? Are pineapple and
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Here are top 5 diet posts from reddit diabetes
Are you looking through reddit for suggestions on diet? Are there too many posts to go through? Well, fikar (worry)
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Can diabetics eat Dosa? (Dosa for type 2 diabetics)
Dosa is one of the very famous delicacies of Southern India. It is commonly eaten food in the rest of
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Is there a lot of sugar in cherries? Cherry and Diabetes
Anything, is perfect, with the cherry on the top, isn’t it? This small red globular fruit is the best finisher
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