Here are top 5 diet posts from reddit diabetes

Are you looking through reddit for suggestions on diet? Are there too many posts to go through? Well, fikar (worry) not. I have listed 5 top most posts from reddit diabetes that will help you to learn more about dietary management in type 2 diabetes.

“Not all those who wander are lost. Some of them are on Reddit!”

Are you worried about long working hours?

This post from reddit diabetes talks about few suggestions on what you can freeze for later use especially when you have 12 hour shifts. One of these suggestions includes meat balls. Read to now more…

Acceptable frozen entrees for type 2 diabetics from r/type2diabetes

Do you want to add a nice drink to your meal?

This one post from reddit diabetes gives you some suggestions about blending ice tea with your favorite fruits. You may also find some mentions of lemons, raspberries, blueberries, pomegranate, herbal berry tea and few other fruits. Have a look and decide yourself about what suits you the best…

What kind of ice teas you make yourself? from r/type2diabetes

Some discussion for prediabetics on reddit diabetes

If you are a prediabetic and worrying about what diet to take to not develop into type 2 diabetes, read this post. It talks about low carb diet with some light on weight loss, if to have it or not. It has a few mentions about A1c also and how diet affects it. Read the post and know more on this…

Prediabetic struggling to NOT lose weight on very low carb from r/type2diabetes

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Do you believe in keto diet or just the low carb diet?

There is buzzword about ketogenic diet and how it helps diabetics or harms them. Some are in favor and some against it. Well this post talks about non keto low carb diet. Read the discussion and comments by other users to learn more and add to your knowledge of low carb diet for type 2 diabetic individuals.

Non Keto Low Carb Diet from r/type2diabetes

Know what people are talking about intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting or IF, as it is commonly addressed these days, is also famous among diabetics due to two reasons – one to loose weight and secondly to improve insulin sensitivity. You definitely should ask the professionals for the advice on this. But, it is also helpful to know what other diabetics think of this. Read this discussion on reddit diabetes and also participate in it.

IF and Fasting Blood Sugar • r/intermittentfasting from r/type2diabetes

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