Are beets bad for diabetes? Beetroot and Diabetes

Beet roots are known for its tremendous pink to maroon color that it liberates while eaten. It can be eaten boiled as a part of salad. Do you think beet root and diabetes complement each other?

“More eat beet, more move feet, more keep fit.”

Table showing nutritional information of 100g of beetroot

Glycemic index64 medium
Saturated fats0g
Carbohydrates10g (7g sugar & 2.8g fibers)3% (14% & 11%)

Glycemic index and Glycemic load (beetroot and diabetes)

The beetroot has GI within in medium range. So, one has to be careful while consuming the beetroot. Although, it has high fiber content, the GI is not so impressive for a diabetic profile. 

The glycemic load for 100g beetroot stands at 64*10/100 = 6.4 

Thus, it won’t increase the blood sugar to a higher extent, but it will do that very rapidly (because high GI and low GL).

Well, beetroot has many health benefits and to have all of them you can eat it as a part of green leafy salad to keep in check the effects of high GI.



Vitamin C 8% of RDA | An experimental study suggests that vitamin C supplementation of 1000mg per day for 6 weeks can cause reduction in blood sugar and lipid levels along with insulin. However, the supplemental dose is almost 17 times the RDA, but increasing the dietary vitamin C intake can help reduce the supplemental dose. Also, as you can see, vitamin C will also help to prevent dyslipidemia which is commonly seen among diabetics.

Vitamin B6 5% of RDA | Deficiency of vitamin B6 leads to reduction in circulating levels of insulin mainly caused by deficiency induced degenerative changes in the beta cells of pancreas which are the insulin secreting cells of the pancreas.

Magnesium 5% of RDA | Please read this article to know the benefits of Magnesium for diabetes affected individuals.

Other: Iron & Calcium

What are your views on beetroot and diabetes? Comment below!


Hey there, I'm a final year undergrad medical student at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Medical College (SSRMC), Mauritius.

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