Are peaches safe for diabetes? Peach and Diabetes

Peach, also known as nectarine, comes from the Northwestern China with its juicy yellowish-orange pulp which is extremely soft. The skin of peach is furry, however. Let’s read about peach and diabetes…

“An apple is an excellent thing until you have tried a peach”

Table showing nutritonal information of 100g of ripe peach

Glycemic index42low (good)
Saturated fats0g
Carbohydrates10g (8g sugar & 1.5g fibers)3% (16% & 6%)
Proteins0.9g> 1%

Glycemic index and Glycemic load (peach and diabetes)

The glycemic index of peach is within the low range or the good range at the value of 42. The glycemic load for 100g of peach is 42*10/100 = 4.2

With this glycemic load, the serving size can be doubled to 200g at which the glycemic load will be 8.4

However, the sugar content in 200g of peach will be 32% of what is recommended for diabetics to consume per day. Thus, be cautious in deciding the serving size. Do not increase the size beyond 200g at a time.



Vitamin C 11% of RDA | An experimental study suggests that vitamin C supplementation of 1000mg per day for 6 weeks can cause reduction in blood sugar and lipid levels along with insulin. However, the supplemental dose is almost 17 times the RDA, but increasing the dietary vitamin C intake can help reduce the supplemental dose. Also, as you can see, vitamin C will also help to prevent dyslipidemia which is commonly seen among diabetics.

Vitamin A 6% of RDA | The role of vitamin A in type 2 diabetes is still under review. However, there are 3 possible mechanisms by which vitamin A can be beneficial. These include its antioxidant property, its property to lower insulin resistance and thirdly, its ability to mediate insulin release.

Other: Magnesium & Iron

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