Can diabetic eat tamarind? Tamarind and Diabetes

Tamarind is a fruit of its own kind. It has a peculiar taste and is mostly consumed in the form of sauces (chutney) or water based drinks. Some also like to have tamarind flavored ice Popsicle. Will tamarind and diabetes go together?

“Some friends are like tamarind; someone whom you can never resist”

Niha vasi

Table showing nutritional facts of 100g of tamarind

Glycemic index65medium
Saturated fats0.3g1%
Carbohydrates62.5g (57.4g sugar & 5.1g fibers)21% (115% & 20%)

Glycemic index and Glycemic load (tamarind and diabetes)

The glycemic index of tamarind is not so suitable for diabetics with the value nearer to the upper limit of medium range. Even the sugar content is more than the recommended intake. With this the glycemic load at the value of 62.5*65/100 = 41 is not at all suitable for diabetics.

The glycemic load is well above in the higher range, which means it has profound effect on the amount of increase in blood sugar levels. This tells us we need to moderate the intake of tamarind in any form.

If we reduce the tamarind serving size to 1/10th of 100g i.e. 10g the glycemic load will come down to the value of 4.1. At this value, the blood sugar will rise to insignificant levels, although, the rapidity remains unchanged. 

Usually, we don’t consume tamarind in higher quantities. So, it won’t cause much problem. However, due to its high carbohydrate content and glycemic index, it is better to avoid tamarind as much as possible.



Vitamin B1 29% of RDA | Vitamin B1 plays a role in complications of diabetes such as eye disease, kidney disease and neuropathy. (R)

Magnesium 23% of RDA | Please read this article to know the benefits of Magnesium for diabetes affected individuals.

Potassium 18% of RDA | Potassium itself has no role to play directly on diabetes parameters. However, diabetics who have kidney disease need to regulate potassium intake to avoid too much or too less of potassium in the body.

Iron 16% of RDA | Iron has a pathogenic role to play in the development of diabetes mellitus and its complications mainly retinopathy (eye complication) and nephropathy (kidney complication).

Tamarind and diabetes, what do you think?


Hey there, I'm a final year undergrad medical student at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Medical College (SSRMC), Mauritius.

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